New Day, New Discoveries

Time passes in the world of Animal Crossing just as it does in real life, so there's always something to look forward to. See the seasons change, meet new friends, get free gifts, and celebrate special occasions.

Seasonal Scenes

Life in your town changes with the seasons. See cherry blossoms bursting to life in the spring, and have fun in the snow when winter arrives.

Time for a Visit

Visitors are always coming to town, bringing fun new activities and surprises with them. Be sure to meet them before they leave!

Event Calendar

And many, many more!

From familiar faces to new friends, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a huge range of characters. Buy turnips from Joan or art from Redd; collect badges from Phineas or have your fortune told by Katrina; help Gulliver get his bearings or let Saharah redecorate your home. There's always a new friend to meet.

Special Deliveries

It pays to stop by the Post Office on Main Street to check in with Pelly or Phyllis. Sometimes they'll have a gift for you, delivered to your game via SpotPass. You'll also get mail delivered to your house, so be sure to check your mailbox. You never know what you might receive.

Birthday Fun

Everyone loves a birthday party! Your neighbors will invite you to celebrate with them, so be sure to buy something nice and wrap it up before the big day.