Create your getaway

Customize your personal island getaway

Create your own paradise and customize your character, home, decorations, and even the landscape itself. You decide what to build and where—inside or out!

Home sweet home…er, tent sweet tent

Take time wandering the island to find the perfect spot for your homestead.

Not a fan of tent living?

Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to upgrade to a house!

DIY Recipes for crafting

Your island has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft and reinforce tools, furniture, and other creature comforts.

Step-by-step crafting:

  1. Learn DIY recipes

    Learn recipes as you go about your day and participate in typical island activities.

  2. Gather materials

    The island is abundant in resources such as tree branches, stones, and even weeds.

  3. Visit Tom Nook’s workbench

    With the right materials, crafting is a snap! You can use the tools you craft to acquire new materials—and with those, you can craft more items.

Start from scratch

Place furniture wherever you like, inside or outside. You can fine-tune the arrangement so the décor expresses your current mood.

Next steps

When you’re ready, start making your island community a better place to live.

Build bridges and slopes to help make it easier to get around your island.

Contribute resources and bells toward building shops, homes, and more.

Dodo Airlines Mystery Island Tours

Visit Orville at the island airport to book a trip to a nearby deserted island, where you can gather resources, catch bugs and fish, and find fruit or flowers that may not be native to your island.