Explore your island

Each day brings new discoveries

Live life at your own pace as you garden, fish, decorate, hunt for bugs and fossils, get to know the animal residents, and more. The time of day and seasons match real life, so something is happening on your island whether you’re there or not.

Nice catch!

Fishing and catching insects are two of the most popular activities on the island. Life on your island passes in real time, so you can find different critters to catch depending on the time of day and the season.

Where am I going to put all the things I collect?

Please do consider donating them to the museum! Blathers will accept new species of bugs and fish and analyze any fossils you dig up.

Blathers the owl says, "I am exceedingly interested in the ecosystem of this island!"

Give your island a personal touch

Customize your community at your own pace with greenery, furniture, and decorative items you can place anywhere you want—inside and outside! You can use what you craft at Tom Nook’s workbench to decorate your island paradise.

Flower power

Planting flowers makes your island more beautiful, so…grow wild! Water your garden plot until your plants bloom, then harvest or cross-pollinate them. You may grow a rare color!

Decorate your hair with a garland of your favorite flowers. Don’t worry—they’ll grow back!

Trees, please

Your island has its own specialty fruit growing from the trees, but you can plant new varieties of fruit from other islands. Either plant a piece of fruit or dig up a sapling and carry it in your pocket until you find the perfect spot to plant it.

Deep pockets for better collecting

As you explore, you can fill your pockets with items you find along the way and to carry necessities like your fishing pole, net, shovel, and pole.

A pole makes it easy to quickly cross rivers.

Manage day-to-day activities on your NookPhone

Your NookPhone is a handy, in-game device that keeps track of daily goals, insects and fish you’ve collected, DIY recipes you’ve learned, and Nook Miles you’ve earned.

Earn Nook Miles through special activities or as you go about your daily island routine. You can use your Miles to access new recipes, bigger pockets, and more!