Share your community

Show off your island utopia to family and friends

Or pack your bags and visit theirs! Whether playing online* or via local wireless**, island living is even better when you share it.

Good neighbors

Every day brings new surprises when you share your island with charming animal residents. Choose a spot for them to set up their tent, chat with them whenever you feel like it, and grow your community at your own pace.

Reunite with friendly faces and meet new arrivals!

Play together on one system

Up to eight players** can live on the same island within one game. With one Nintendo Switch system and one game, up to four players can play on the same island at the same time (additional accessories required).

Up to 4 players per system.

Connect with friends using your own systems

With additional systems and games, up to eight Nintendo Account holders can play on the same island at the same time via local wireless or online play*.

Up to 8 players.

Gather resources—and inspiration—from other player’s islands. You can collect fruit, admire their museum collections, and make in-game purchases at their shops.